Philosophy on Website Design:

► Each is Unique and should reflect the subject matter or featured person/item.

► Each should be graphically pleasing to the viewer and user-friendly (easy to navigate)

► Each is a "living, changing and dynamic" promotional tool

     (changes & upgrades are encouraged; the design can always be improved)



Client Input - Most Important

Each project, client, and website is unique!

First task is to establish the purpose and requirements of the web site, as well as its look and feel.  

An outline, price estimate, and design ideas are reviewed before beginning the process. 

Client  participation and input is very important - from content and photos, to final design.

Estimate for the initial site will be quoted upfront,  based on the following Fee Schedule.

Websites must be reviewed and evaluated by client and designer every year to ensure they aren't "stale," but viable and accurate, up-to-date, and interesting.


Fee Schedule: 


Typical Tasks:

Unit Cost



Domain Name(s)



    Set-Up & Registration OR Transfer Fee per Domain Name

      (one time fee includes interface with host server))



one time



    Domain Name Registration

      (annual fee to own domain name; 2 year minimum)



per  year



    Web Server Hosting (Verio or 1and1)

    (discounted packages available - please inquire)

$10 - 25.00

per  month




Website Design:




Initial Graphic Design & Set up

(includes  2 hours of client interface discussing needs, styles, design tasks, estimates, information gathering, PLUS: four hours of design with at least 2 design choices, banner, navigation buttons and structure, page design and content with upload to servers.)



per website



Remaining hours @ $35.00 per hour

(Roughly 1 hour per website page, as a guide)



per hour



Website Maintenance: 




Standard Maintenance - Minimum Yearly Fee @ 25.00 per year

(includes occasional minor changes or corrections, and file maintenance)



per year



Unlimited routine updates @ $15.00 per month

(Schedules, newsletters, menus, other product information, etc.)


per month



Substantive changes or design revamping @ $35.00 per hour


per hour




Graphic Services: 




Scanning, editing and posting Photographs



per hour



Design of Brochures, Postcards, or Posters



per hour



Printing of Brochures, Postcards, Tickets, Business Cards or Posters*

Your Paper Products

My Paper

*oversized posters may require outside printing - at cost




.15 per page

.50 per page


Badges - 2 1/4" pin-backed metal badges for promotions

(includes design set-up, printing, cutting, and assembly)


$1.00 per badge

Plus $15.00 per hour if large order



Promotional Novelties:

Mouse Pads


Bumper Stickers

CD Case Calendars

Badges (pin-on buttons)

Magnetic Items, such as cards, logos, calendars, etc.


Please Inquire



Video Services: 




Single Camera Video-taping events or concerts in greater DC area



per hour



Editing via computer and transferring videos to DVD



per hour



Converting existing VHS video tapes to DVD



per hour



Designing, Printing and Packaging DVDs

(Includes labels, covers, inside booklets, etc.)


per hour



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